Gone to Ghana

west africaOn September 15, 2015, Doug and Michelle Clark arrived in Accra, Ghana, where we will serve for 18 months as volunteer missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We will be supporting local Church leaders across seven West African nations along the coast from Sierra Leone through Nigeria.  This is the fastest growing area in the LDS Church, with over 250,000 members in 1,000 congregations,  and currently adding about 120 new congregations each year.

We will mainly be helping local leaders understand and follow financial record-keeping processes.  We are also here to learn from these genuine, loving people about things that matter most. We love worshiping each Sunday in local congregations and feeling their enthusiasm for and commitment to follow the Savior in their everyday lives.  It’s not a bad way to spend time together.


2 thoughts on “Gone to Ghana

  1. We enjoy reading your posts so much! Where is the 16th assistant auditor serving? Has Kingsley’s area been divided? Great inspiration to get the MLS couples involved! What stake are you working with for temple prep? We loved the Christmas picture. It is so fun to see what you two are doing! Great job!


  2. There are two AAAs each in Aba and Calabar now. They just released Atobora Brown and made him a patriarch. We were very sad to see him go and he says he is learning to get excited about the new calling. One of our nice achievements that only you guys would appreciate is two months running with 100% stewardship reports.

    We are serving in the Ashaiman Stake with President Morrison. The people in the temple prep classes are the most genuine people you can imagine. They just glow coming out of the temple.

    Gloria Terry officially passed the Christmas block letters and ownership of the Alema lunches to Michelle. We are feeling like old-timers now. Hope you are enjoying snow again.


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